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New Commerce Experience in Cloudmore - Updates

by Louise Shields, on 13-May-2022 12:52:27

The NCE full launch is here with new commercial offers that differ from the legacy CSP. 

This blog details the latest NCE updates from Cloudmore.

The NCE full launch is coming with new commercial offers that differ from the legacy CSP. 

This blog details the latest NCE updates from Cloudmore.

How Cloudmore is supporting the NCE changes

The Cloudmore platform offers a robust Microsoft integration with all the capabilities you need to scale your CSP sales. Cloudmore teams have been working to introduce new functionality to the platform to make NCE offers available for our customers to procure, manage, and bill via the platform over a series of platform updates to ensure a smooth transition to the new NCE model.

The functionality will be released as available, but we expect the completion of all NCE features by June 2022


Update 12th May 2022

Migrations from legacy to NCE

We are currently working on two migration-related tasks: 1. the creation of a migration report to support the migration process, and 2. to enable bulk migrations from legacy to NCE in Cloudmore

Ahead of the Microsoft NCE migration deadline of 30th June, Cloudmore will release a migration report export showing the active legacy subscriptions to be migrated. This will help you prepare your customer communications ahead of migrating their subscriptions. This report will also show the legacy subscriptions that don't have a target match in NCE, as these cases may require more detailed customer communication. Our target for this new functionality is on track for mid-May .­

The Microsoft Partner Center only allows migrations to be processed on an organization by organization, subscription by subscription basis, which can be time-consuming. The Cloudmore migration tool will enable the bulk migration of legacy subscriptions to speed up the process with more governance. Our target for this new functionality is to be available in early June.

NCE Edit Subscription Price

Previously you were required to set the subscription price for NCE products before creating the subscription. Now, the subscription price can be changed in the GUI after a subscription is created.

We still recommend that global or per organization sales prices are set before creating the subscription, but if you forget or require a change, this is now supported in the GUI. Please see our Price Management Guide.

Country-based Price Lists

Microsoft issues pricelists for the same currency but can have minor variations country by country. After a significant update to our database Cloudmore to support this is now a country-based pricelists structure.


Microsoft Cost price changes

Tracking Microsoft cost price changes can be tricky and Cloudmore does not currently support setting a persistent margin for a Microsoft product. Because of the possibility of unexpected changes to cost pricing either through a price list change or, an all too often, 'black box' calculation by Microsoft, Cloudmore strongly suggests that you use our reconciliation template or another method to check your sales prices and margins before invoicing your customers. 


We have a task on our developers to bring this reconciliation into Cloudmore, negating the need to use excel and in the medium term to support persistent margins for Microsoft products. More details to follow.


From this month, the cost price changes we find in the Microsoft price lists will be listed on the Microsoft price changes article on the Cloudmore knowledge base here.


Update 25th February 2022

NCE Promotions

NCE related promotions do appear in the billing file, meaning that any promotional credits are reflected in your Microsoft and General Billing Report and the customers billing report.

We are also developing the functionality to show the NCE promotions in the price list but don't have a specific release date yet.

Cost Centres for NCE Subscriptions & add-ons

If you are not aware, we have some very nice cost centre functionality where you can assign all or part of the subscription units to one or more cost centres. The ability to create the cost centre and apply it to a Microsoft 365 subscription is available today. Data in the report, is also available today but requires a billing cycle to show data.

Microsoft 365 Subscription page updates

The Microsoft 365 subscription page has been updated to clearly show the subscription type, i.e., NCE, or legacy. New Commerce Subscriptions now show at the top of the list, with active subscriptions showing before inactive subscriptions.

New Commerce Experience API subscription support

Cloudmore has extended our API with full NCE subscription support so that NCE subscriptions can be created, listed, updated, and deleted all through the API. The new API calls are marked with NCE.

Update 7th January 2022

Create and manage NCE subscriptions 

Today you and your customers can create and manage NCE subscriptions in Cloudmore. You can view and manage both legacy and NCE subscriptions side-by-side. 

Sales price management 

Full price management support for NCE is available in Cloudmore, with sales price customization available for all end-user organizations or each specific organization using the price list.

*Before managing NCE subscriptions and billing in Cloudmore, ensure you have set up your sales prices for NCE products in the price list. 
Price Management Guide

NCE renewals and suspensions

NCE Renewals functionality allows you to configure if an NCE subscription should be renewed and any changes to a subscription that should take effect at the point of renewal.

Product Selection enhancements

New product groups have been introduced to make it easier to find products, both on the pricelist and subscription screens.

NCE billing reports

Ability to view NCE subscriptions and sales prices in Cloudmore billing reports to facilitate the onward invoicing of your customers

Subscription upgrades and downgrades

Cloudmore will allow you to upgrade eligible NCE subscriptions to another eligible NCE subscription and revert any upgrades to their previous state, in line with Microsoft's conditions that you must do so no more than 72 hours after an upgrade. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.