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CSP Direct Office 365 Billing

Dyfed Wallis
Jul 12, 2017 3:45:47 PM


Why do this..

Cloudmore enables the production of monthly CSP Direct billing data in minutes allowing users to easily and accurately invoice customers.  



The CSP Direct Office 365 billing process uses different components of Cloudmore to make Office 365 billing more accurate, faster and easier to understand for customers.


Follow the instructions below to learn how to generate CSP billing reports. 

The billing report is generated using the Microsoft billing rules and the Microsoft CSP billing date. The sales price is automatically added for each customer from the Cloudmore standard services price list.  The data produced can be passed to a billing platform using either a CSV file or the systems API.



With Cloudmore users can send customers a simple  summary invoice and they can view the invoice details, on demand, within the self-service area. Customers see a similar, but personalized, detailed breakdown as the reseller, without the cost price.


1. Go to Microsoft O365 CSP direct

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to the cloud service broker menu,  click on my services, and then Microsoft O365 CSP direct.


2. Invoice details

Click on billing report.

CSP Direct Invoice details

3. Select date range

Click on the date field and select the desired range.


Last month will set the date range first day to last day of the previous month.  

Custom range allows users to select multiple months and will display a billing report for each month.     

Note: - Each month will contain one billing report that corresponds with the Microsoft Billing Cycle.  For example, if the billing Cycle Ends on the 15th – Cloudmore will display a billing report dated the 16th covering the MS billing cycle from the 14th of the previous month to the 15th of the selected month. 

4. View detail

The billing report will be grouped by: -

  • Date - One billing report per billing cycle within the selected date range will be displayed. This will show the total cost and sales price. The total cost, if all tenants are linked, should correlate with the Microsoft invoice and can be used as a check to make sure you are billing all customers correctly.
  • Organization - The report is automatically grouped per organization, showing total cost and sales price for each customer. This is the summary invoice amount for each customer. Click on customer name to expand. 
  • Product -  Grouped per product showing the total cost and sales price. Note: - that due to the Microsoft billing calculations and rules it is not possible to invoice on a traditional Unit x Sales price basis.
  • Detail – This will show a line item for each type of transaction e.g. – Cycle Fee, Refund or Pro-rated Billing. Each line item will have a quantity, unit cost and sales price and total cost and sales price.   The correct sales price is automatically applied from either the Cloumore global, or customer specific price list.


5. Export

If  the Cloudmore systems API is not used to link billing data to a billing system then export the report to see more details  by clicking on the Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 16.29.34.png icon, above the report to the right.


The file will download automatically.


Now Download the Excel template with pivot tables to process the data for billing and reconciliation of costs. See examples below.  






6. API Integration to Business Systems

For details on how to use the API to integrate with other business systems, view this video guide - https://vimeo.com/213977116 or download the API guide from - http://hubs.ly/H07fvn20


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