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How to Add Services Information

Oct 4, 2019 2:39:30 PM

Why do this..

Enable your target customers to discover and learn about your services. Add relevant sales and marketing messaging, summary of keys features, links to additional resources, and frequently asked questions.  Pricing information is automatically added from the service price list.


Service Discovery Example.


Marketing Information Overview Example


1. Go to services


Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your reseller menu, then click on reseller, then Custom Services.

2. Enter the service information

The service information will be displayed in the customer’s E-store. The information will enable the customers to discover more information about the service and enable them to decide if they want to activate the service. The information can be quickly updated.

Click on the (i) action icon.


This will open the service edit page, where you can add information about the service.  This information is published in the customer’s E-store.

3. Enter the service overview

Use the edit tools to format the text.

Click update to apply the text.


4. Add service features

 In this tab, you can add the service features.

Click edit and add the new feature.


Enter feature name and description.

Click create to add the feature.

Repeat the process to add additional features.

Use the arrow icons to re-order the features.


5. Add resources

In this tab, you can add links to additional resources.
Enter the link namethis should describe the asset that the link goes to.  For example – Service Homepage or Service PDF Asset.
Enter full URL linkIncluding, http://www

Select type in the drop-down menu: Options available are image, video, document, link.


6. Associate related services

 Click editA list of any other services you have added in Cloudmore will be displayed.

Tick the box next to the related service(s) and click update.


7. Add FAQ

Click edit.  A dialog box will be displayed.
Enter the Question and the Answer.






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