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Release Notes : 2.65

by Niklas Högset, on February 6, 2019

What's New in This Release? 

Date: February 6th, 2018

  • 13222 – Organization agreement updates

In this release we have made a few minor updates to the organization agreement feature. When a new agreement is created, a user can instantly mark it as ‘active’. We have also added a feature that allows a CSB to see who has signed a particular agreement.

  • 13190 – Branded email address for notifications

All CSBs with a branded URL can now brand the email address used as the ‘from address’ for notifications to customers. The branded email address is set up on the ‘Branded login’ page where the instructions to set up the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) are also located.

  • 13058 – Microsoft CSP: Allow the CSB to unlink tenants

A CSB can now unlink tenants to deal with situations where linking has been set up for test purposes or was linked incorrectly. Previously, a CSB had to contact the Cloudmore support team to unlink tenants.

  • 13184 – Microsoft CSP: Support for the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA)

Microsoft has introduced the new Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA). This new agreement needs to be approved by all organizations. The approval needs to be documented in the Partner Center, otherwise the Partner Center won’t allow new subscriptions or any changes to existing subscriptions. With this release, MCA approval can be made directly from Cloudmore. Approvals can either be made by the CSB, or the organization. The Microsoft MCA approval requirement will become effective on 22 March 2019.

  • 13059 – Align organization billing start date to the 1stof the month

The billing start date will now be aligned to the first day of the month for newly created organizations. This will enable an organization to see billing reports for the first month.

  • 11599 – Improved organization import flow

The import organization feature has been updated with better validation and error handling. This to help identify issues with large datasets so it’s easier to locate the record with issue and correct it.

  • 13260 – Microsoft CSP: Purchase order number field on subscriptions

A Purchase Order (PO) number field has been added to O365 and Azure subscriptions. The PO field can also be used to store any additional, relevant information with a CSP subscription.

  • 13220 – Billing report: Summary level per service and organization

The billing report now contains an extra summary layer. If the report is based on a service, an extra organization level has been added and if the report is based on an organization, an extra service level has been added.

  • 13219 – Billing report: All services in one row

Custom services were previously displayed in their own rows. With this release, all selected services are displayed in one row. Different currencies will still be displayed on separate rows unless you use the ‘convert currency’ feature.

  • 13573 – Billing report: Increased performance

Improvements have been made to the billing report page to improve performance. This new update will allow reports to be generated faster.

  • 13410, 13718 – API: Added CSP Azure procedures

The API has been updated with three new procedures for getting Azure reports. These API calls will reflect the new options on the Azure billing page. This will allow a CSB to get a list of invoices, get a usage report and a current report. See swagger document for details.

  • 13590 – API: Add custom properties to Export and API

The custom properties allow a CSB to create a new custom properties field for organizations and users. This might be something that helps identify the customer or user more easily – a customer number field, for example. In this release the custom properties have been added to the exports so you can easily get a list of all customers or users together with the custom properties. The custom properties have also been made available on the API calls.

  • 13416 – Add the CSP PO number to the API

The PO number added in this release has also been made available to the Cloudmore API.

  • 16420 – Microsoft CSP: Platform reports include CSP services

The ‘sales growth’ and ‘sales-per-service’ reports, under ‘Reports’ now also contain CSP services.

Bugs & Issues

  • 13197 – Microsoft CSP: Improved handling of products that are not listed on official pricelists.
  • 13186 – Microsoft CSP: Fixed issue where overview page was limited to showing 500 users.
  • 13420 – Microsoft CSP: Fixed issue with corrupt Azure billing Excel files on export.
  • 13258 – Cloudmore DNS: Fixed issue with setting up an SPF record.
  • 13227 – Custom Services: Fixed issue where One Time Products can see renewal options.
  • 13369 – Custom Services: Fixed issue where custom services were missing from organization billing export.
  • 13313 – Microsoft Exchange: Fixed issue with send as permissions.
  • 13403 – Vmware vCloud: Fixed issue with vCloud billing.
  • 13941 – Billing report: Fixed issue where totals were not calculated.
  • 13368 – Custom Services: Fixed issue with special characters in descriptions.
  • 13447 – Microsoft CSP: Fixed issue with unhandled exception error in Azure billing report.
  • 13194 – Feedback: Two emails are sent out when feedback is closed.
  • 13414 – Provisioning log: Fixed issue where background was not blurred when popup was open.
  • 13612 – TSM: Fixed issue where data was displayed as 0 GB if browser language was set to Swedish.
  • 13479 – Microsoft CSP: Fixed issue where invoice report was not available when browser language was set to Czech.
  • 13491 – F-secure: Fixed issue with billing report when F-secure was included.
  • 13660 – Microsoft CSP: Fixed issue where ‘No records’ text was displayed in billing report.
  • 13467 – Microsoft CSP: Fixed issue where the link to the organization’s properties was wrong when adding CSP service.