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Google kills Enterprise product as ‘Google For Work’ is born

by Mark Adams, on September 4, 2014

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Google kills Enterprise product as ‘Google For Work’ is born

Google has rebranded its Enterprise offering as Google For Work in a move it claims will make it easier to explain and sell to customers.

The search giant said it never formally set out to create a specific Enterprise offering when it first made its products available to businesses, meaning a rebrand was in order. "We wanted to create a new way of doing work," said executive chairman Eric Schmidt on the company's blog. "So the time has come for our name to catch up with our ambition." Google For Work still consists of the same products – Google Apps, Maps, Search, Chrome, Android, Cloud and Chromebooks – but will no longer be known as Google Enterprise. At a US press conference about the changes, Google Enterprise unit chief Amit Singh said the rebrand will make it much easier to explain and sell to people than "some arbitrary" terminology, according to reports.

UK partner Cloud Technology Solutions' managing director James Doggart said the Google rebrand marks a renewed focus on its commercial division. "It looks as though there is a degree of focus at Google in terms of what they're doing for the enterprise – even though they are rebranding it For Work," he said. "Any positive brand change is a good thing. They are trying to get across that they are more than just an email platform or a collaboration tool, and we welcome that."