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Cloudmore 2.25 API Changes

by Mark Adams, on September 26, 2017

Date: 22 September 2017

Cloudmore Systems API update 2.25

Notice of changes related to role-based access

In Cloudmore release 2.25 we have added a new role based access system that allows for more granularity when settings admin rights. The new system is enforced on all user objects in the system. The API has also been updated accordingly.

There is a new call named “Roles” that will return all available roles in the platform with and ID and name. The role ID must be passed when calling create user or create federated user.

The previous Boolean property “administrator” on users and federated users has been removed. This is now replaced by the role functionality.

GET methods on user and federated user will now return the role id and role name. For POST and PUT methods the new roleid is mandatory.

There has also been an update to the cspBillingReports where the classes have been renamed. The following properties have been renamed:

Organization -   CspOrganizationBillingViewModel
Subscription -  CspOrganizationBillingSubscription
CycleFee -  CspOrganizationBillingCycleFeeViewModel
ProRate -  CspOrganizationBillingProRateViewModel
Other -  CspOrganizationBillingOtherViewModel
ProRateItem -  CspOrganizationBillingProRateItemViewModel
OtherItem -  CspOrganizationBillingOtherItemViewModel


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