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Release Notes: 3.38-3.42

by Louise Kearney, on August 19, 2021

Introducing the latest Cloudmore Platform updates, including release notes text.

3.38 New & Updated Features

  • We have made it easier to set up SSO in Cloudmore with a new fully automated setup process that no longer requires manual intervention from Cloudmore
  • An Admin can assign users to a Microsoft Azure subscription to allow the user to create Azure resources under the subscription

3.39 New & Updated Features 

  • Microsoft O365 CSP Direct performance improvements 
  • Changes to Global Support Admin role 
  • A list of API enhancements

3.41 New & Updated Features

  • Extended capabilities of SSO settings to allow the broker to act as the Identity Provider (IdP) for all organizations

3.42 New & Updated Features

  • When a Broker user creates or edits a subscription they can choose to hide a subscription from the organization’s billing report

Visit the release knowledge base to read the full release notes: 

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