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Release Notes: April 2020

by Mihkel Kerem, on April 28, 2020

This document highlights the most recent platform updates. 

Customizable email templates 

To further personalize Cloudmore for end-users, email notifications sent from Cloudmore are now customizable. You can change the text, include hyperlinks and if required, translate the email templates to provide notifications in a different language, you are now in full control of what messaging your customers receive.  

Brokers can now create their email templates for the following events: 

  • New Reseller User Password notification 
  • New User Password notification 
  • Password Change notification 
  • Password Reset notification  
  • Admin login notification 
  • Login confirmation notification 
  • Microsoft Office 365 Password notification 

 To edit email templates, in the Cloudmore Service Broker menu click on  Cloud Service Broker > Templates  and select the template you want to edit.   

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Event Log enhancements – Greater CSP services reporting  

 We have greatly improved the CSP services logging in the platform event log to aid reporting, compliance, and governance. This provides users with a detailed audit trail of important events including Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCAsigning and all subscription adds, moves, and changes for O365 and Azure products.  

The following CSP-related events captured and presented in the event log 

  • Microsoft Customer Agreement events 
    • Signed date 
    • User first name 
    • User last name 
    • User email address 
    • User phone number 
    • User IP address 
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Service added to an organization 
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Service removed from an organization 
  • Creation of an O365 Subscription 
  • An Edit to an O365 Subscription 
  • O365 subscription suspension  
  • Addon added to a subscription 
  • An Edit to an addon  
  • Addon removed from a subscription 
  • Microsoft Azure CSP Service added to an organization 
  • Microsoft Azure CSP Service removed from an organization 
  • Creation of an Azure Subscription  
  • Suspension of an Azure Subscription  
  • Activation of an Azure Subscription  
  • Azure User created 
  • Azure Subscription assigned to a user 
  • Azure Subscription removed from a user 
Price List Export Update 

When exporting the Cloudmore pricelist you are now presented with even more information to allow you to improve the review and processing of price list data.   

 The following values are now included in the export.  



Suggested Price 

The vendor’s recommended sales price


Sales price – Cost price

Margin %

Margin/Sales price

Active (True/False)

True = Active service |False = inactive service

Changed (True/False)

True = sales price is a custom price set by the broker | False = sales price is the vendor’s recommended sales price


The development team has also been stamping out bugs. See our bug fix list here

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer team if you would like more information or a demonstration.  Email:  

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