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Release Notes: July 2020

by Mark Adams, on August 10, 2020

Introducing the latest Cloudmore Platform updates, including release note text and overview video.

During June and July, we introduced several new features to Cloudmore. Features include:

  • Distributor support: With the ability to add resellers to a feature-limited version of Cloudmore, sell and upsell services and, the option to connect ERP systems to Cloudmore to fully automate billing. 
  • Customizable organizational dashboard: Where brokers can now add their images, custom content, and links to the organization dashboard.
  • Billing report organization groups column: We have added a display column on the Broker General Billing Report export that shows the Organization Group that each organization is a member of.

Visit the 2020 releases knowledge base to watch the monthly video introduction and read the full release notes.

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