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Rise of the Multicloud Enterprise: Key Trends to Watch in 2015

by Mark Adams, on March 26, 2015

Rise of the Multicloud Enterprise

Key Trends to Watch in 2015

multicloudIt's apparent to IT people in the know that enterprises deploying hybrid and multicloud infrastructures will be the ones to watch in 2015 and beyond. Why? Because they will be ingesting, processing, storing, securing and analyzing more data—faster—than their competitors.

Gartner Research, for one, has declared that the global cloud market will expand to $250 billion by 2017; more impressively, about half of the world's enterprises will be deploying hybrid clouds. Market leaders in the hybrid and multicloud interconnection platform space include Google Cloud Platform, Cisco Intercloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and IBM's SoftLayer. They are working with key hosting providers globally to enable these hybrid cloud systems as quickly as possible. In this slide show, put together using eWEEK reporting and industry insight from Chris Sharp, Equinix vice president of Cloud Innovation, we present key hybrid cloud trends for 2015. 

Equinix, based in Redwood City, Calif., operates the Equinix Cloud Exchange, which works with about 450 cloud service providers—including those noted above—to automatically enable the provisioning of one-to-many virtual cloud connections on-demand.

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