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Small Business – Big Technology

by Mark Adams, on October 3, 2014

Small Business – Big Technology

Businesses who spend a greater proportion of their revenue on technology commonly grow faster. This sound logical, but making an investment in technology that delivers tangible business outcomes is more difficult especially for smaller businesses, who spend a disproportionate amount on just keeping the technology “lights on.” Where cloud services start to make sense is when less money is being spent on deployment, support and management and more spent on the outcomes required by the user and business. Cloudmore believes this with a passion and our Cloud Management Platform keeps our customers in control of their technology whilst enabling them to focus on the business of doing good business. We love successful customers!

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Deloitte and Google has pulled data together from 1316 SMBs across 6 countries and created an outstanding report called "Small Business - Big Technology: How the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs". Read the full report here.

Credits to Google and Deloitte for creating the report.